RSVP is a brand that created for the woman who is looking to show off her own unique style on the special occasions from the sexy short dresses to the elegant gown created by the sisters Yen Lee and Shirley W.


The RSVP dresses are beautifully crafted one of a kind of couture collections with supreme femininity not only for celebrities but for the women of all age.


 Yen Lee and Shirley W. are both working together created both brands Maglifestyle and RSVP with two different concepts.


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MAGlifestyle Establish is 2010; Headed  by Yen Lee a self-taught fashion designer with a diploma in Fine Art, Today pursue her dream to produce ready-to-wear fashion items. Graduate from Malaysian Institute of Art in 1998, awarded best student and also earn honorable mentioned in Young Contemporaries award in 2001. The career in fashion started with an assistant fashion designer for Playboy Men’s clothing. She has achieved success there and became fashion buyer of the department store.


“My heart wanted to do something more creative and fun. So I started to run my own boutique with my sister. Since then, I style my customer and now released my own capsule collection.”


After returned from 2 years working holidays in London, Yen Lee decided to set up the first boutique in the fashionable Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur with her sister Shirley W. in 2010 and following with the ‘Design Popup’ in Isetan departmental stores 2012 and now permanently.

Yen Lee

#RSVPclothing_ #fashion #dinnerdress #elegance #customise #shiaulee #designer #shirley

 “To be a fashion designer is always my dream. I already started to like drawing and sketching since in my childhood time which I was always dreaming creates many beautiful dresses for my dolls.”


Shirley W. graduated from University Malaya but her dream to be a fashion designer never died especially a chance given to participate in a student exchange programme in the Asia high fashion metropolis, Tokyo! When she was studying in Tokyo, the unique fashion scenes in Harajuku motivated her to continue the fashion designer dream again.


The high hope and the firm determination, she started to plan to study fashion in London and finally she made it into the prestige fashion school of Central Saint Martin.


Travelling is also a great impact for making fashion sense that Shirley W. today. She likes travelling which she has travel to more than 30countries has inspired her collections with her sister Yen Lee.